3D Design & Printing

We use the FormLabs Form3 as our backbone for our 3D printer services.

The Form3 can use a variety of resins for different applications, such as:

  •  High resolution surface detail
  •  Clear or optical quality 
  •  Black, Grey, White, or Colored resins
  •  High Temperature (suitable for injection mold inserts)
  •  Dental implants
  •  Investment castings
  •  Flexible or Rigid applications

The Form3 is capable of 25 micron, (0.000984) inches resolution in all X/Y/Z axis.

Our design services include 2D CAD using AutoCAD2020, 3D CAD using Alibre Design Expert, and Corel Draw for vector based graphics.

Please feel free to contact us for any of your production needs.